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Point of Sale Software

With our POS multi-outlet, online retail, and inventory management System, you can sell, manage, report, and expand your retail business in every way.

It includes several modules;

This module offers a versatile point-of-sale experience, allowing you to efficiently manage sales and returns. With the flexibility to apply discounts on individual items, you can tailor pricing to meet specific needs. Customers have the convenience of choosing from various payment options, including cash, bank transfer, gift cards, debit cards, and credit cards. Additionally, you have the option to associate a customer with the transaction and include pertinent comments. Furthermore, you can choose to either suspend the sale for future completion or finalize it. Upon completion, the system generates a detailed sales receipt, which can be automatically dispatched to the customer via email or printed using a POS printer.

Inventory Control modules include:

  1. Item Administration: This module allows for meticulous item oversight, facilitating both manual input and effortless imports from Excel spreadsheets.

  2. Barcode Creation: An indispensable tool for generating unique identification codes for your inventory items.

  3. Comprehensive Item Kits: This module streamlines the management of item kits, simplifying the process of handling intricate product combinations.

  4. Supplier Supervision: Effortlessly manage and organize supplier information and interactions with this dedicated module.

  5. Streamlined Inventory Receipts: Maintain precise control over inventory inflows, accurately tracking each received item.

  6. In-depth Inventory Insights: Access a wealth of inventory-related reports, encompassing dynamic graphical representations, concise summaries, and comprehensive detailed analyses.

The system’s modules are well integrated. From the Sales Register module, for instance, you can create new Inventory Items on the fly.

Employees can also be locked out of these Inventory modules if they shouldn’t have access to them.

Capturing customer information when you sell your products and services is a great idea.

From the sales register, you can either choose a customer you already have or make a new one.

In the “Customers” section, you can manage your customers easily. You can find their contact info like email addresses and phone numbers there.

If you want to email a customer, just click on their email.

The system also offers fantastic customer reports. For example, you can print a customer summary report that shows which customers brought in the most money for your business. You can narrow it down by dates and types of sales to get more specific info.

You can also create a report that shows how much you sold and how much profit you made from each customer. You can organize this data in SisliPOS or export it to Excel.

Lastly, there are detailed customer reports. These reports let you quickly generate in-depth sales reports for a specific customer. You can also export this data to Excel to work with it there.

Our Point of Sales Solution includes Employee Management. Each employee gets their own username and password.

In the “Employees” section, the manager can control who can access different parts of the system.

The system also provides Employee Reports. You can print graphical and summary reports about your employees to see who sold the most and brought in the most profit. You can even save this information to Excel.

There’s also a detailed Employee Report. It gives you info about a specific employee’s sales. This includes Sales ID, Date, Items Sold, Customer Name, Totals and Profit, Payment Type, and Sale Comments. If you want to see the actual receipt for a particular sale, there’s a link for that too. You can also export this data to Excel if you need to.

Sisli Point of Sale has a number of different types of reports built into the system, such as:

  1. Graphical Reports: Using these reports, you can get a complete overview of your retail business quickly.
  2. Summary Reports: These reports show you a summary of the data in tabular format.
  3. Detailed Reports: Detailed Reports give you very detailed information on the topic.

You can also export the information to Excel or sort it right in online platform

The Expense Register module in Sisli Point of Sales software offers an intuitive way to manage and track expenses for your business. It allows you to easily record various expenses such as rent, utilities, and supplies, helping you keep a close eye on your financial outflows. This module also provides the flexibility to categorize expenses, making it simpler to analyze where your money is going.

Additionally, it offers detailed expense reports, enabling you to visualize your spending patterns and make informed decisions to optimize your business’s financial health. Whether you’re a small business owner or managing a larger enterprise, the Expense Register module in Sisli Point of Sales software provides the tools you need for effective expense management.

Who Can Use Sisli PoS Software?


Enhance the precision of transactions and elevate customer service by incorporating barcode scanning alongside instantaneous inventory updates.

Cafes and Restaurants

Simplify the processes of placing orders, handling payments, and managing inventory to create a smooth dining experience.

Salon & Spa

Offer products and services while improving customer satisfaction through efficient point-of-sale solutions.

Clothing Boutiques

Make sales tracking and customer interactions easier by combining inventory management and providing personalized service.

Furniture Retailers

Streamline furniture sales and delivery logistics through our comprehensive point of sale system.

Auto Parts Stores

Track auto parts sales, manage inventory, and offer efficient customer service with our software.


Efficiently handle prescription and over-the-counter medication sales.

Toy Stores

Enhance the shopping experience for children's toys and games.

Construction Materials Retailers

Efficiently manage sales of construction and building materials.

Seamlessly Sell Product & Services with Sisli POS

"Unlock effortless selling of your products and services with Sisli POS, ensuring a smooth and efficient customer experience."



  • Customers Module
  • Product/Service List Module
  • Sales Module
  • Reports Module
  • 200 Product/Service Items (PLU)
  • 2 Employees (Owner & Staff)
  • 1 Warehouse, 1 Shop Inventory Location
  • Renews at ₦7,500 Monthly


100,000 / Annual
  • Customers Module
  • Product/Service List Module
  • Sales Module
  • Reports Module
  • 500 Product/Service Items (PLU)
  • 5 Employees
  • 5 Inventory Location
  • Renews at ₦59,000 annually


150,000 / Annual
  • Customers Module
  • Product/Service List Module
  • Sales Module
  • Reports Module
  • 1000+ Product/Service Items (PLU)
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Inventory Location (Stores)
  • Receivings Module
  • Item Kits Module
  • Expenses Module
  • Gift Cards Module
  • Renews at ₦75,185 annually

All Cloud Deployment is done within 48 hours from the point of payment.