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Holiday Teen Coding Training

Welcome to the exciting world of coding and web development!

This four-week training course is designed to introduce teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 to the fundamentals of programming using Scratch 3.0, as well as the basics of HTML and CSS.

Each week, participants will engage in interactive learning activities, guided projects, and weekly assignments to reinforce their understanding and apply their skills.

Only 8 Seats Available

Note: One of the requirements for this class is that all student must have their own laptop computer and will come to class with it daily

Program Details

Fhuzohairport Complex, 1B Anam Street, Off Ituku Street, by Nondon Hotel Entrance Gate, Off Psychia Bus-Stop, Upper Chime, New Haven, Enugu.


DURATION: (4 Weeks) 1st to 25th August 2023
DAYS: Tuesday to Friday
TIME: 10AM to 2PM

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4-Week Training Course Outline: Scratch 3.0, HTML, and CSS

  • Overview of Scratch 3.0 and its features
  • Introduction to the Scratch programming environment
  • Understanding basic coding concepts: sequences, loops, and conditionals
  • Creating interactive stories and animations using Scratch
  • Project Assignment: Design and create an interactive story using Scratch, incorporating characters, dialogue, and animation.
  • Exploring more advanced coding concepts: variables and events
  • Creating interactive games using Scratch
  • Introduction to debugging and problem-solving techniques
  • Enhancing projects with sound, music, and visual effects
  • Project Assignment: Develop an interactive game using Scratch, incorporating multiple levels, scores, and challenges.
  • Introduction to web development and the role of HTML
  • Understanding HTML tags, elements, and attributes
  • Creating the structure of a webpage using HTML
  • Formatting text, adding images, and creating hyperlinks
  • Project Assignment: Design and code a personal webpage using HTML, including an About Me section, images, and external links.
  • Overview of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and its role in web design
  • Styling webpages with CSS: colors, fonts, backgrounds, and borders
  • Creating page layouts and positioning elements with CSS
  • Introduction to responsive design and media queries
  • Project Assignment: Enhance the previously created personal webpage using CSS, focusing on styling, layout, and responsiveness.

Throughout the course, interactive learning activities, quizzes, and discussions will be incorporated to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the concepts covered. Participants will have access to course materials, submit assignments, and interact with fellow learners.

By the end of this four-week training course, Participants will have a solid foundation in Scratch programming, as well as a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. They will be equipped with the skills to create interactive stories, games, and webpages, setting them on a path to explore further coding and web development opportunities.

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